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Update: 28/03/2019

My country, Viet Nam, there are no more cars and more and rarer classic cars. We engaged in the field of corrective and maintenance of vehicles in 25 years. Like you, my friends and I that car enthusiast, especially the classic car. They are built to the jewel, skilled workers clearly expressed, is the main craft. If you are a good beater, you will be attracted by an antique car with the bumper perfectly, the most valuable rewards for labor needs and error. That is why we produce the sample bumpers for classic cars.

After more than 4 years, we manufacture according to orders of the trading company in Viet Nam makes a classic car. This year, we will sell the product directly to end users and resellers. Reason:

- Direct feedback from customers regarding product: strengths and weaknesses.

- Development of new bumpers form faster to customers with free policies get old new.

- Better support for customers on price, assembly, and installation of bumpers deck.

- Policies commissions, promotions more suitable for agents, companies, and loyalty ...

Ministry makes classic cars are manufactured entirely by hand. We use good material, 304 stainless steel with the thickness from 1.5 mm precision and older, 20% chrome content, we appreciate the raw material in the manufacturing process. The shaping stage, try fitting, rough grinding, fine grinding are closely supervised and inspected each stage. The stage of the surface coating is our high attention, with the basic standard is 3-layer paint, using paint, covered specifically for the car to achieve a high solid, beautiful and durable surface with time. Mirror polishing stages are handmade through 5 stages, using suspended and imported abrasive wheel.

Ministry bumpers will be carefully packed and shipped to you. We will forward to you via international carriers such as TNT, DHL ... by air and sea.

Delivery time: 3-5 days (not including shipping time).


Are you passionate about cars, let us complete it by our passion for car engines. We will help you: " Completion of your passion "

Contact us: 
- Office phone number: 00 84 2862737929
- Mobile number: 00 84 988323071
- Address: Business Center, No 126, Ho Tung Hau Street, District 1, HCM City, Vietnam.
- Email: info@bumperautomobile.com
- Website: www.bumperautomobile.com